TaverntainmenT First*4*Tavern EntertainmenT

About Us

TaverntainmenT was established in January of 2011, by Brian Magnusson and Benjamin Tessier. Originally meeting while playing poker, a friendship blossomed and today TaverntainmenT.

Part of the friendship experience included establishing a NH presence for a similar company including executing event nights. After one season, they quickly realized players who qualified to play for the prize packages were not playing in them due to locations of Atlantic City and Las Vegas. With a golden opportunity to seize and improve the market, TaverntainmenT was born and Shooters Pub in Exeter, NH was our first client. By offering smaller more regional prize packages, Brian and Ben believe they have greatly improved the FREE Texas Hold ‘Em player experience and reward.

Thanksgiving of 2010, Brian brought, SCAN a game he developed, to a family function of Bens. SCAN is a music game based on pushing the SCAN button of the car radio. Using tracks of music, movie quotes, TV theme songs & advertisements the game was a huge success and SCAN Trivia was born.

Ben created the initial website for TaverntainmenT and in his own words, “it ain’t pretty, but it is functional.” The website home page mission statement still holds true: “Two local boys trying to stimulate the local economy!” This statement has been modified through their growth to more accurately read;

“Two local boys trying to…”

  • Stimulate struggling taverns, bars & restaurants.
  • Provide assistance to local charities.
  • Care for others.
  • Invoke change.
  • Create a difference!

That’s what it is today, “Two local boys trying to make a difference:, and so far they have by:

  1. Increasing tavern profits.
  2. Waitstaff & bartenders make more tips.
  3. Play*4*Free poker players play in poker rooms for buy ins that they wouldn’t otherwise.
  4. An avenue for people to socialize and build lasting friendships.
  5. People falling in love, OK lust first, and then love.
  6. Providing charities support for various drives.
  7. Raising monies for cancer research.
  8. Providing people an avenue to retreat & escape everyday life, even if for a few fleeting hours.
  9. Giving player’s confidence in their poker abilities and in life.
  10. Encouraging entrepreneurialism.

This is a short list of the ways TaverntainmenT has been making a difference in the lives of the players & communities they are in. As the company grows into more & more communities, so will the list of ways they make a difference.

Two local boys trying to make a difference!

See you at the tables!